Not Losing on Low Carb? Avoid These Mistakes

Goals and Weight Loss

Why small achievements matter. How to set realistic goals in the ongoing battle of the bulge.

Habits: What Are They and Why They Matter in Weight Loss

How do we form habits? What are they and why are they so hard to both overcome and create? In this article, I’ll try to shed some light on this mysterious avenue of psychology and how it relates to weight loss.

Pectin Is A Natural Product That Aids Weight Loss

Pectin is a natural product that has a secondary benefit of being helpful to those people wanting to lose weight. Its fiber content makes it an appetite suppressant product that reduces the pangs of hunger. In addition, pectin has many other characteristics that help to improve a person’s quality of life.

What Makes A Bad Diet Bad?

There are good diets, there are bad diets, and there are very bad diets. There are diets that work, and there are diets that will never work. For the person looking to lose a few pounds in weight, then the weight loss business presents a confusing mixture of what to do and what not to do.

Why Can’t I Stop Eating Sweets?

At times, people turn to sweets to satisfy far more than just a craving, which signifies that the issue isn’t just a demanding sweet tooth. Subconsciously, we turn to sweets for reasons that are both emotional and psychological: bad day at the office, problems with a significant other, financial stress, etc.

Is Juice Fasting the Weight Loss Strategy You’ve Been Looking For?

Have you seen Fat, Sick, And Nearly Dead? It is a movie that you can find at about a man who was very overweight and very sick and who came to the U.S. to carry out a 60 day juice fast.

New Study Reveals Why It Is Easy To Regain Weight

An investigation conducted by Australian scientists, found one of the reasons why it is so easy to regain the lost weight after making a low-calorie diet. The study of hormones related to appetite determines its recovery. The work opens a door to study more extensively the appetite-related hormones as tools for developing custom programs for weight loss in overweight and obese patients, to ensure success in maintaining weight loss.

Best Diet Trends for Spring

Dieting is a huge industry with new products, diets and fly-by-night “quick fixes” sprouting up in the market on a daily basis. While some people will tell you to simply eat a balanced meal and exercise regularly there are, however, loads of researchers and developers coming up with fascinating new products and dieting solutions.

Cinnamon – An Everyday Product That Helps With Weight Loss

Cinnamon is an excellent product to use to combat weight gain. Its readily available, cheap and recent medical research indicates the benefits of its use in helping with weight loss.

African Mango Supplements – How to Improve Your Chances of Weight Loss

These days Africa mango supplements are much discussed among people who are hoping to lose weight. Africans from Cameroon and Nigeria have been using the extract of the African mango seed for various health issues for many decades. After researchers found that it did indeed induce weight loss in 2005, supplements are now available in Western countries.

The African Mango Fruit – Will This Wonder Fruit Solve Obesity?

The African mango fruit can be thought of as a weight loss remedy. This fruit grows in the African rain forest of a Cameroon. Researchers found that taking African mango seed extract helps to reduce appetite and steady blood sugar levels; two very important factors for success for weight loss.

Lose Body Fat Fast With These Healthy Snacks for Weight Loss

Hands down, the hardest part about shedding pounds is breaking bad habits. Here are some tips to lose weight that will help you combat temptation bad habits when temptation comes calling at snack time. But the vending machine is not the best place to look for healthy snacks for weight loss. So, if you’re looking to lose body fat fast, you need to be prepared for when hunger strikes in between meals with these healthy snack options.

Is Diet and Nutrition the Best Way to Lose Weight Fast and Safely

Diet and Nutrition has been known to be the best way to lose weight fast for a long time time. Although many people still struggle to lose weight, it is possible to burn body fat fast and keep it off permanently by eating fat burning foods that add nutritional value to your body.

The Ultimate African Mango Plus Review

The latest statistics reveal that about 65% of the people living in America are obese – this is to suggest that almost about two out of every three people are living with this dangerous life threatening condition. This is a very shocking statistic and things do not seem to be getting any better. If you are having trouble losing weight, you could try Africa mango supplements, as they help to keep you feeling full and control blood sugar levels.

Six Reasons to Drink Water for Weight Loss

These days, it seems like every candid photo of a celebrity shows them clutching a bottle of water. So does drinking water help keep us slim, or is it just a fad? It turns out the evidence shows that drinking water can help us in the battle to lose weight. What’s more, not drinking enough water can actually make us gain weight. Here’s how:

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