What I Eat In A Day Of Keto (Episode 1) – With Health Coach Tara

The Different Variations of the Paleo Diet

People who have tried out the Paleo Diet by Dr. Loren Cordain have ended up quitting the diet because of the severe restrictions in certain foods. Some cannot do without their intake of grains, legumes and potatoes.

Excellent Diet For Women

An excellent way to maintain a healthy diet is by counting calories as part of your daily routine. The reason I choose counting calories as my personal form of diet is because it is a lot less time consuming and doesn’t require much effort to do. It is a proven fact that counting calories and strictly watching what you eat on a daily basis is essential for long-term healthy weight loss and can help reduce heart disease as well as other problems that could arise in the future.

Are Weight Loss Pills Safe? Common Sense Tells Us Not

It seems like everyone has a diet on the market today. Many programs involve medications and supplements meant to result in rapid weight loss. They claim to produce miraculous results.

How to Achieve Your Body Shape and Lose Weight Permanently (1)

When you are trying to lose weight there are a number of common sense rules that the diet industry will not tell you about. Not knowing these rules may sabotage your efforts and result in you becoming frustrated and quitting your programme. This is the first post of many that will make you aware of where you might be failing so that you can ultimately be successful.

Turbulence Training As a Weight Loss Tool

Turbulence training offers you the possibility of controlling your calorie excess. Furthermore it is based on routines which are simple to follow. That is an advantage in the long quest for proper weight control.

Find Out What Exercise Burns The Most Fat

So you’ve started a weight loss program, you’re beginning to diet and workout on a regular basis. Whether you are seeing the results that you want. Like many others we would rather get more bang for our buck, the most results in the least amount of time.

4 Easy Exercises To Build Abs

Have you always wanted that slim, sexy waistline? To show your ripped abs off on the beach come summertime? Many people over-complicate attaining abs and will forever blame their body type or body shape, but with these easy 4 exercises to build abs to implement into a daily routine it couldn’t be easier!

3 Simple (And Very Effective) Ways To Lose A Lot Of Weight And Body Fat Without Really Trying!

You may have just read that title and one of two things happened: One, you are jumping for joy right now and you can’t wait to find out what those 3 simple and effective ways to lose a lot of weight and body fat are. Or two, you are making a funny face indicating skepticism! Well, whatever way you may feel, in this article I’m going to talk about 3 things I did (and still do) that will help you drop pounds of fat and improve your overall health… WITHOUT REALLY TRYING!

Drinking Tea To Lose Weight

Weight loss can be as simple and as easy as drinking a nice hot cup of tea. One way tea can help shed off your excess fats is by boosting your energy levels metabolism which allows you to burn those calories much quicker.

Do You Know These 5 Common Myths About Exercise and Weight Loss?

Exercise is an important component of the weight loss process, but we need to know the truth about what exercise can and cannot do for us. Should we eat before a workout? Will crunches rid you of belly fat? Do women who lift weights bulk up? Does fat turn to muscle and does muscle burn more calories?

Learn To Burn Fat for a Fit and Healthy Body

It is very disappointing to see that even after following a strict diet plan and doing a tough workout routine, the weight fails to drop. When efforts show no results, it can be very discouraging. It is very important to learn how to burn fat in order to start an effective weight loss routine.

Why Buying New Running Shoes Is A Bad Way To Start Your Weight Loss Program

Tips for motivation, and why buying a new pair of running shoes is detrimental to that. Fitness and health hacks to improve your life.

All About Weight Loss In A Week

If you are someone who wishes to shed a few pounds within the shortest possible time frame, dreaming about the result is never sufficient. You have to take action and make that action be drastic. Fast loss of all the excess fat stored in your body due to your previous eating habits is going to take a drastic change.

How Losing Weight Can Benefit You

Whether you are overweight or you would just like to shed off some extra pounds, you should be aware of the benefits that losing weight has to offer. Sure, you may be able to achieve that ideal body you’ve always been dreaming of, but it has so much more benefits to offer than just that. Of course, losing too much weight can be harmful to you, but if you lose just the right amount of weight, you will be able to experience these benefits:

The Cro-Magnon Diet, Will It Benefit You?

Sparse evidence indicates that the cro-magnon or paleo diet was one based on availability. It consisted mostly fish, grass-fed animal meats, the grasses themselves, limited vegetables, roots, nuts and berries. Lacking from this diet were grains, beans (legumes), dairy products, refined sugar, processed oils (saturated fats) and salt.

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