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Is Fat Really Your Worst Enemy?

If one was to delve into misconceptions about diet plans and weight loss through them, the most frequently prevalent, almost certainly, would be the belief that fat is the enemy of a healthy diet. This reigns due to the fact that when it comes to formulating a diet plan, most of us perceive it as an eating plan which ideally should have minimum calories and negligible fats, since the latter is high in the former. What most of us tend to forget, however, is that even when trying to lose weight, the trick is not to eat less, but to…

A Tip for Succeeding With Your Weight Loss Goals

Every year millions of people worldwide embark on a diet program. Yet, despite the huge amounts of support provided by the average diet program, most people don’t last the course. In this article we offer one simple tip to make sticking with your diet that little bit easier.

Do Men Burn More Fat Than Women?

While it is a known fact that women have a greater propensity to gain weight due in part to their physiological makeup, the converse is however the case when it comes to losing weight. This is so because they find it more difficult when compared to men who have several advantages which help them to lose weight faster.

Successful Weight Loss – Even If You Work In A Fast Food Takeaway

Most people when can isolate themselves from food temptations at home or work. But how can you achieve successful weight loss if you work in a fast food restaurant or takeaway. If fatty take away food is your dietary downfall and you work in a take away then you are in for a big struggle unless you make some major changes in the way you think and act around junk food.

How Insulin Resistance Affects Weight Loss

Insulin resistance and its impact on an individual’s ability to lose weight is actually very important. A lack of proper understanding of this condition and how to avoid it could as a result sabotage an individual’s weight loss efforts.

Tips on How to Treat Insulin Resistance

It is a fact that the causes of insulin resistance have been linked mostly to lifestyle habits especially dietary habits. Therefore, it can be inferred that making certain lifestyle modifications can help in increasing insulin sensitivity and thereby promote effective weight loss.

How to Lose Weight Fast by Food Planning

There is very little information for dieters when it comes to combining different types of foods. We are all told to consume a certain amount of calories per day, but rarely, in any diet plan, is there a suggestion that when some foods are combined in a meal, that meal can slow your metabolism leading to increased weight gain.

10 Motivational Triggers To Start, Succeed, And Never Give Up On Your Weight Loss Goals!

Can’t stay motivated with dieting and exercising? Here are 10 motivational triggers to skyrocket your willpower…

Impact of High Insulin Levels on Weight Loss

Insulin as a hormone plays a very important function in the regulation of blood sugar level. However, when secreted in excess, insulin has been shown to have very serious negative impact on certain physiological functions most especially body weight management.

Why People Gain Weight

Weight gain is normally an unwanted side effect of overeating, insufficient physical activity, slow metabolism, excess stress, health problems, and consumption of medications. It is rare that anyone is happy about gaining weight. Rather most people are trying to lose weight. Weight gain can be attributed to eating an unhealthy diet, not getting enough exercise, having too much stress, or even to health problems. To find out why you’re gaining eight take a look at your lifestyle to find the areas where you can improve your life and stop unwanted weight gain.

Three Effective Ways To Eliminate Man Boobs

Gynecomastia, commonly known as man boobs, is very unattractive on a man. In addition to women being repulsed by this look, the man is often left suffering from low self-esteem. Well there are ways to get rid of man boobs, and here are a few of the best ideas that you can try out.

Lifestyle Tips to Help You Sleep Better

The lack of adequate sleep has been shown to negatively impact weight loss. Therefore it would make a lot of sense for anyone attempting to lose weight to make necessary lifestyle modifications to help improve their night sleep.

How Lack of Sleep Makes You Fat

A lot of people are today shortchanging themselves on the number of hours they spend sleeping per night due mostly to the nature of today’s fast-paced lifestyle. That being said, recent scientific studies are however indicating that this can actually inhibit weight loss.

Why Diets Make You Fat

Our diets are what made many of us fat in the first place. It seems every day there is a new fad diet and each one seems more confusing than the next. These are some common diet problems.

Healthy Eating For Weight Loss Tips

By far the healthiest way to lose weight is to set about, making changes slowly. Neither crash diets nor bursts of exercise are healthy ways to stat making inroads into a new healthier you. So what is the best way to approach healthy eating for weight loss?

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