Ketosis Controls Hunger Hormones: Leptin & Ghrelin

Gastric Band Surgery The Most Drastic Belly Fat Cure

Vanity, self-loathing, inferiority complexes, the pathological need to conform to an idolized and unachievable notion of beauty… these are just some of the reasons that people seek out a belly fat cure, and it is little wonder then that the cosmetic industry manages to secure billions of dollars per year in sales. Another worrisome trend…

Gastric Band Surgery, Is A Treatment Or A Belly Fat Cure?

For many overweight people, their weight can become a constant source of pain, it can give them very little confidence it can give them mental anguish and depression for them and they desperately pine for some sort of belly fat cure. After all, who wouldn’t like to say hello to a younger, healthier, slimmer them? The problem is that many obese people then seek to rely upon drastic measures to actually fix their excess weight problem, without actually implementing some of the more conservative treatment programs that are out there.

Juice Cleansing Versus Meal Replacement for Weight Loss

While there are tons of diets available on the market, many people seeking to lose weight turn to liquid diets in the form of juicing or meal replacements. A typical juice fast lasts no more than 3 days and each meal involves drinking juice – no solid food is allowed depending on the plan you follow. For example, my sister recently conducted a juice fast and the only solid food she was able to consume when she was extremely hungry were vegetables such as celery and avocado.

Lose Weight the Low Carb Way

If you want to lose weight or need to become healthier, you might want to consider eating low carb. Losing weight the low carb way is a healthy way to not only slim down, but eating low carb can help with other ailments you might have.

Honey And Water, The Secret Ingredients To A Successful Belly Fat Diet

All things in this world have a weakness, and even Superman himself can be stopped dead in his tracks with a strategically placed piece of Kryptonite. When it comes to a belly fat diet, there is no surer way to guarantee its ultimate downfall and untimely demise than the sugar cravings of the dieter who is currently subjecting themselves to the belly fat diet program. If you have a sweet tooth, (perhaps even a sweet mouth) then it is more than likely that is the root cause for all of your excess weight woes, and which will also be the…

Top 10 Tips For Rapid Weight Loss

If you are serious about losing weight there are a few things you must do. Below I am going to share with you 10 simple tips that will put your weight loss into overdrive and have you dropping pounds like never before.

The Hallmarks Of A Good Belly Fat Diet

More than just a unsightly bulge around our midsection, belly fat is a major hazard to our health and as such should be dealt with as soon as possible although there will be many people who will justify their belly by saying “I may have a paunch but I am not even overweight (or at least only very slightly.) What is the big deal?” Traditionally, a person’s weight was used as a litmus test to gauge their health but this has been refuted in recent times with a stronger emphasis upon the Body Mass Index of the individual to determine…

What’s In A Name? The Role Of The Belly Fat Diet

The phrase belly fat diet conjures up two distinct images which curiously are polar opposites of one another although they happen to be derived from the same root phrase, i.e. belly fat diet. On one hand, there is the healthy option, i.e. those food types and an eating regime that will actually allow the dieter to shift their unsightly bulge and finally be rid of their unsightly belly fat once and for all. Then there is the version that whilst far from desirable or welcome, is the much more commonly implemented type and that is quite simple: a diet that results in more belly fat being created.

Effects of Fasting on Cleansing

Detoxification is a method of purifying the body from toxins. There are several ways to accomplish this. One way to do it is by fasting.

Internal Healing: Permanent Weight Loss Is Now Possible

Weight gain is inevitable. Whether you have returned from a wedding or from a holiday, something that is sure to visit you is extra pounds of fat.

Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals With a Bariatric Physician

You want to lose weight, look better, and feel healthier, but you are not sure exactly how to begin. You know you need to exercise and eat a healthy diet but you still have many questions: Exactly what is an appropriate diet? What is an appropriate daily calorie intake for me?

Healthy Snacks For Weight Loss

Discovering the top healthy snacks for weight loss can help you overcome one of the biggest hurdles in anyone who wants to keep their body healthy and trim. There are so many tempting, but unhealthy (and fattening) snacks that can undo all your hard work.

Weight Loss – Mediterranean Style

For thousands of years, people living along the Mediterranean coast have enjoyed a lifestyle that includes leisurely dining, plenty of exercise, and a diet rich in plant foods and healthy fats. This way of eating and living has been linked to numerous health benefits including a decreased incidence of diabetes, heart disease and obesity – as well as an increased life expectancy. For good reason, the Mediterranean diet has long been considered one of the healthiest in the world.

3 Fast Weight Loss Diets to Make You Slim and Elegant

You have made the important decision to lose weight fast, and you want to do it this time. But for fast weight loss to be successful, you must be willing to put your weight on what I like to call Project Status. This means you must consciously decide to actively, purposely work on improving your weight and your fitness level each day for fast weight loss

HIIT Workouts (High Intensity Interval Training Workouts)

Firstly, do not confuse HIIT workouts with other types of interval training. High Intensity Interval training is characterized by its short duration and brutal maximal intensity. That’s right, 100%. Yes you may reach a number of repetitions in your workout, but how many times can you replicate 100% effort? There simply is no place for holding back when doing HIIT workouts.

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