BBQ Guru DynaQ Thermostatic Controller Review

Bill McGrath

BBQ Guru DynaQ Thermostatic Controller Review

The BBQ Guru DynaQ is a two-channel, Bluetooth connected wireless remote food thermometer and thermostatic controller that runs on a supplied AC power supply or an optional 12VDC battery. It comes with an articulated mounting stand that can be attached to a surface with either its own magnet or included screws. There are several adapters available to mate the fan module to a variety of cookers.


Setting up the unit is easy using the free Apple or Android app. Connection between the smart phone app and the DynaQ control is made via Bluetooth. 


The display unit is shaped like the letter Q and indicates the temperature status of the displayed probe. If the temperature is below the setting, the color displays blue. If the cooker is within the user-selectable temperature band, it’s red. If the temp gets too high, it flashes red. There is also a Bluetooth connection status LED in the lower right corner of the display.


The app allows you to set up your cooking temperature and control a number of features incorporated into the product. You can turn the light show on or off, set target temperatures, enable open-lid detection, control temperature ramping (from the cooking temperature to a keep-warm temperature), and modify the behavior of the temperature controller. You can view temperature vs. time graphs for each probe. The control alerts you to food doneness and cooker temperatures with audible and visible alarms.


The fan module attaches to the cooker adapter and has an integral damper to allow you to restrict airflow. This is helpful for controlling temperature fluctuations due to thermal airflow. The damper can be closed when the cook is done to extinguish and save the remaining fuel.


The probes are advertised as being dishwasher-safe, a rare feature. Most probes are susceptible to damage from submersion, and care must be taken while cleaning the probes. I’m glad to see that this should not be a concern with BBQ Guru’s probes.


The temperature control algorithm used in the DynaQ is identical to the one used in its big brother,  the UltraQ . Rather than repeat the test, I’m providing the results from the UltraQ. I tested the behavior of the thermostatic controller using a small clamshell cooker to prepare a batch of baby back ribs. As you can see from the graph, the UltraQ held the temperature quite steady. I may have slightly over-fired the cooker, and this resulted in some temperature overshoot at the beginning. Temps stayed within acceptable boundaries until the fuel was exhausted. I had the open-lid detector enabled and ramping disabled. Click on the graph below to see an enlarged version.


 BBQ Guru Graph of Temperature vs. Time


A well-written 18 page user’s manual is downloadable from the company’s website. It covers all facets of operation and should make the learning curve short and easy, even for a beginner. Contact info, including a snail-mail address, e-mail address, website and telephone number, is included in the manual should the user encounter any problems. The control and the fan are warrantied for two years and the probes are covered for 90 days.


This is a well-made thermostatic controller that performs well and is adaptable to a wide variety of cookers. Info on the adapter kits is available on the BBQ Guru website. I didn’t find anything to dislike, so I’m awarding it a Silver Medal. If you need more channels and like the ability to access the control from anywhere, you might consider the BBQ Guru UltraQ which features four probes and Wi-Fi connectivity. Read the review  here .


Silver Medal



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