Nandos BBQ – Peri Peri Chicken

Nandos BBQ Chicken recipe

Nandos BBQ chicken is loved by many people, but have you thought about cooking it at home on the BBQ? Here I show you how to make nandos chicken.

It really is easy, and the results can be superb. You could make your own spices and peri peri sauce if you like, but I really like the nandos sauces and rubs you can get in the supermarket to make an authentic nandos chicken recipe, everyone loves peri peri chicken, I wanted to cook up something that had a bit of bbq theatre as well.

So I spatchcocked a free range chicken and dusted with the Nandos lemon and herb dry rub. I cooked at 180c on the BBQ skin side down with the lid on, I was looking for crisped charred skin. I then flipped and carried on cooking indirect and drizzled over Nandos Mango and Lime marinade and cooked for another 10 minutes.

Meanwhile I made up a paella pan full of spicy rice, diced onions, garlic, carrots, celery and peppers softened in a bit of oil. Add long grain rice and nandos bbq rub seasoning, salt and pepper. Chicken stock to cover and cook until the rice is soft. Pop the chicken on to the rice on the BBQ with the lid on, skin side up and cook until the chicken reaches 74c internal temperature and is fully cooked through.

Nandos chicken on the BBQ

I was worried I’d taken the skin too dark, until I tasted it, it was truly spot on, the charred chicken skin with the Nando’s sticky marinade was sooo good. I finished off with some, lime, corn on the cob and coriander.

This was truly delicious, and much better than any nandos I’ve had. You can vary what sauces and rubs you use for your desired level of heat and taste.

Make sure to check out the recipe video below.

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