Weber iGrill 2 Review

If you’re looking for the best meat thermostat, our next model in review is the weber iGrill 2. Use the igrill and you will see how convenient grilling has become with the Weber iGrill app for a perfect grilling experience. It’s a weber product that you must try out and here I have a detailed review of this wonder thermostat.

The Weber iGrill2 is the latest upgrade to the iGrill and is meant to make your BBQ and Grilling experience worthwhile. It is a Bluetooth-enabled remote thermostat that has two probes, each of which can efficiently monitor the food or stove temperature level. You can use the Weber iGrill Thermometer without a smart gadget as a thermostat or coupled with your Android or Apple gadget using the weber iGrill app.

Weber iGrill 2

An Excellent Choice For Backyard Grillers

Top Reasons To Buy

  • Works with any BBQ or Smoker
  • App is super easy to use
  • Instant & Accurate Temperature readings

Key Features

  • Support for up to 4 probes
  • Heat resistant up to 716F
  • 200 Hour battery life

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Normally, thermometers of this type remain on forever. Your iGrill thermometer, however, includes an auto-off feature that turns it off according to the preset conditions. If a probe is inserted and the device is connected to a gadget, such as an iPhone or iPad, it will certainly not shut itself off. If there is a probe yet no connection, the iGrill mini will auto-shutoff in 8 hours. If there is no probe connected and also no connection to a smart tool, it will turn off after 5 minutes. This will avoid unintended battery depletion.

Weber has four probes that can be put right into the gadget (2 are provided with the unit), and also the solitary readout can present any one of them by pushing the “” button. Holding “” will certainly launch cycling among probes. Pressing either of these switches on the Weber connect smart grilling hub briefly will finish the cycling, and also show just the picked probe.

The weber makes the process easy by allowing you to use the weber iGrill app to pick from a checklist of meat/doneness selections or select your very own setup for every probe individually. An alarm will sound when that setup has actually finished. Alternatively, the iGrill allows you to set a variety of temperature levels, and the alarm will go off if the probe senses a temperature level above or below the set limitations. These settings can be saved with the Weber iGrill app for future use.

You can rename the probes if you desire, either by their function or by recognizing their uniquely coloured collars. You can additionally establish multiple timers for each probe too.

If you wish to view your temperatures on your phone, it all boils down to the iGrill 2 vs the InkBird IBT-4XS.

If you value customer service, length of warranty as well as desire the very best application experience possible after that, I would advise you to get your hands at the iGrill 2 because the iGrill is certainly the best out there.

The accuracy, action time as well as app all make this an exceptional grill thermostat. I bought the iGrill and, being a weber fan, I must say you should too!

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What We Liked

  • Works in the oven: The Weber iGrill 2 probe wires are oven friendly.
  • Easy Battery Replacement: Uses 2 AA Batteries, which you can buy anywhere.
  • Extremely Easy to Use: Weber’s top notch app works on all devices and is easy enough anyone can use it.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Occasionally Unreliable Bluetooth Connection: We had several instances where after walking out of range the iGrill 2 did not reconnect to our phones without cycling the power.
  • Can’t Be Left On The Grill: The Weber iGrill 2 comes with a mounting device that suspends the thermometer above the grill, but it would have been nice if we didn’t need it.
  • Limited Range: Bluetooth devices rarely have a range over 30′, but we had the connection drop often past 15′ so this could definitely be improved upon.


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