Take time to relax and smell the flowers …

After a few wet days last week, we have been quite fortunate to enjoy some May sunshine,
so we thought we’d have a stroll around the garden.
some pretty pink blooms

the rhododendrons are really beginning to flower
such a glorious colour, nature is wonderful
blue skies, a mix of trees and colourful blooms

In these rather strange times I treasure such moments,
and enjoy simple pleasures

and things like a cuppa, well I always take time to enjoy mine.
Why not sit a while, can I offer you a tea or coffee…
(above image from google)
and perhaps a Low Carb Chocolate Cookie / Biscuit, see more details here

Dear readers, stay well and stay safe,
Do your best to keep smiling
and try to take something from each day.

All the best Jan

Source: thelowcarbdiabetic.blogspot.com

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