Keto Diet: Lose 12 Kilos with the Ketogenic Diet or the Amazing Carbohydrate Diet

We are always used in any system to lose weight that fats are completely forbidden, and the claim was that fat is the cause of obesity and being overweight and the most harmful to health, until the Keto Diet regimen or what is known as the ketogenic diet or the carbohydrate diet was discovered, and all these previous ideas were destroyed, so that they became Fat is the most important component of the ketogenic diet

Diet keto diet or ketogenic diet in detail

Keto diet, or carbohydrate diet, is a diet that relies on reducing carbohydrates very significantly, not to exceed 5% of the total intake during the day.

As it allows you to eat only 27 grams of carbohydrates per day if you follow the keto diet for weight loss.

On the other hand, dieting ketogenic depends on consuming healthy fats significantly up to 70% of the total that you eat daily, and eating 20% ​​of proteins, in contrast, eating only 5% of carbohydrates.

The unique thing about the Diet Diet diet is that you do not need to count calories in your meals, and you will eat many prohibited foods in any other diet.

The idea of ​​a ketogenic diet

When we seek to lose weight, we always say we want to reduce the percentage of fat in our bodies, and when we do the various dieting regimens, we may notice a temporary decrease in weight and soon the weight will return once we stop dieting because we have lost the extra water and not the percentage of body fat.

And because carbohydrates are converted into sugars in the body, the system aims to reduce carbohydrates by a very high rate, in which case the body will not find the amount of sugar in the blood needed to obtain the energy it needs, so the body will resort to burning the fat stored in it to obtain the necessary energy with it.

Hence the idea of ​​dieting carbohydrates, as it works to circumvent the body to go to burn the stored fats in it, is a genius idea where you can eat most foods without deprivation, and at the same time, you will burn fats, even without exercising.

Allowed and forbidden in Keto Diet meals

When you follow the diet keto diet, you will focus on eating healthy fats, protein, and low-carb vegetables, and you will refrain from consuming sugars and carbohydrates, except in a very small percentage.

It should be noted that a large amount of water must be drunk daily, not less than two liters of water, and this is very important in the ketogenic diet, as the water filters the body and removes toxins and impurities and helps the body to clean itself of fat.

Allowed in keto diet meals

Meat: You can eat all types of red and white meat because they are rich in protein

Eggs: It is allowed to eat eggs because it is an important source of omega-3 and contains only one gram of carbohydrates per 100 grams of eggs.

Fish: All types of fish, such as tuna, salmon, gazelle, and tilapia, are allowed, and it is preferable to eat fresh names.

Fruits: It is allowed to eat oranges, strawberries, grapes, pears, berries.

Vegetables: All vegetables are allowed to be eaten, but it is preferable to eat vegetables that grow above the ground and that contains a low percentage of carbohydrates such as leafy vegetables: spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, as well as cucumbers, tomatoes, and eggplant. While vegetables that grow underground have a higher percentage of carbohydrates, such as potatoes, carrots, and potatoes. It is also preferable to use white onions instead of red onions.

Nuts: almonds, peanuts, walnuts, walnuts, and macadamia

Dairy products: Here the dairy should be non-fat like cheese, cream, butter, cooking cream, yogurt

Oils: olive oil, fish liver oil, coconut oil

Coffee, tea, and coffee. Latte: It is allowed to drink coffee and tea without sugar, and drink latte without sugar while replacing the milk with coconut milk.

Forbidden in the Diet

Starches: rice, wheat, barley, pasta, potatoes, beans, and bread.

Sugars: of all kinds such as sweets, soft drinks, abnormal juices, dried and canned fruits, cakes and cake, ice cream.

Vegetable oils: soybean oil, corn oil, sunflower oil, cotton oil, and any other oils extracted from plant sources, except as mentioned in the foods permitted in the ketogenic diet

Milk, dairy, and low-fat products: milk and cheese, and all products written on them are low or fat.

Processed foods: You should avoid all unknown foods, such as sausage.

Legumes: such as lentils, beans, and beans. It is forbidden to eat legumes because they contain a high percentage of carbohydrates, as one cup of legumes contains 50 grams of carbohydrates, and this ratio exceeds the percentage allowed in the diet of carbohydrates.

Honey: It is forbidden to consume honey because it contains a high level of sugar, and it is strictly prohibited in the diet of Keto Diet

Dieting ketogenic schedule for a loss of 12 kilos per month
This system is followed by many celebrities, and it was well-received by many people.

Note: You can substitute these foods for any other permitted foods. Dinner can also be dispensed with.

First day:
Breakfast: fried eggs with butter, carrot

Lunch: two slices of salmon with butter, a handful of nuts, and a variety of vegetables.

Dinner: full-fat yogurt, the fruit of the permitted type.

The second day:
Breakfast: cheese and assortment of vegetables

Lunch: 3 burger pieces, vegetable salad (ex: Jarir, olives, lettuce and feta cheese), and the snack: the amount of the palm from the nuts

Dinner: tuna can with a variety of vegetables

The third day:
bacon with eggs

Lunch: grilled chicken breast with a variety of vegetables and a handful of nuts

Dinner: vegetable salad with full-fat yogurt
the fourth day:
Breakfast: omelet eggs with butter and a variety of vegetables

Lunch: buttered chicken breast with vegetables and cream, a handful of nuts

Dinner: cheese and grains of fruit or salad with shrimp pieces

The fifth day:
Breakfast: fried eggs with butter, and snacks: a handful of almonds or walnuts

Lunch: buttered chicken breast with cream sauce, mushrooms, and broccoli pieces.

The sixth day:
Breakfast: full-fat yogurt

Lunch: ground minced meat with butter, with cheese slices and fresh artichokes from the ground,

Dinner: salad “lettuce, watercress, feta cheese, salt and olive oil, natural juice

The seventh day:
Breakfast: eggs with mushrooms

Lunch: butter-fried cheese, mortadella pieces, and a handful of nuts

Dinner: a cup of full-fat yogurt.

During the second week, you can change and create any permitted foods, without any conditions or restrictions, but in reasonable quantities.

Keto diet carbohydrate system

Keto Diet-friendly vegetables according to their carbohydrate content

Side effects of Diet Keto Diet

Due to the body’s addiction to sugar, the sudden interruption of sugars in the keto diet causes the body to be shocked by some side effects in the first week such as headache, dizziness, feeling nervous and tired.

These symptoms can be overcome by drinking good water, and these symptoms will end in the second week.

Additional benefits for dieting carbohydrates

  • Very useful for ovarian cyst treatment
  • Moderate blood pressure
  • Reducing epileptic seizures in epilepsy patients
  • Improvement in gastrointestinal functions

Pregnant, lactating and sick people on the Diet Diet regimen

In any diet that prevents pregnant and breastfeeding women and patients from following any diet without consulting a doctor or specialist, and not only in the diet keto diet.

Ketogenic diet how much will come down a week

The ketogenic diet decreases by 3 kilograms every week without a minimum without exercise and this percentage vary according to the rate of burning in your body, and the rate of weight loss can be increased with some exercise.


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