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No matter how humble we try to be, most of us love bragging about the food we make. We put so much effort into making it, so it deserves some bragging rights. One of the best culinary treats that we can prepare is a thick, and juicy grilled, smoked or barbequed delight. Anything cooked over an excellent charcoal grill is delectable.

After all, who doesn’t love a barbeque party? A barbeque party does not just give you the chance to show off some of your fantastic culinary expertise. You also get the opportunity to feast on the most delicious food with your family and friends. It takes a lot of time and effort to make sure you have a successful barbeque.

It’s best if you are careful about how you choose all the elements that combine to make the perfect barbeque. It would be best if you had the right cut of beef, pork, or fish. For a successful grilling experience, you need to:

1.) prepared the grill

2.) your seasoning must be accurate

3.) you need to get the perfect cooking time (in for each side to give it the best-seared crust on the outside and an ideal finish on the inside) One thing people often overlook is the charcoal they use.

I get my meat from Snake River Farms; they have everything from the best prime and choice cuts I’ve seen. I never have to worry about the seasoning or barbeque rub because my BBQ Box subscription covers everything I need.

You might not know this but choosing the best lump charcoal to use with your charcoal grill can make or break the entire barbeque experience. There are different charcoals in the market, and they can make all the difference in the flavor of the meat.

In this article, let us talk about the importance of lump charcoal as a vital ingredient for a great barbeque. You need to know how charcoal is made, the features you need to look out for in lump charcoal, and to learn about the best lump charcoal you can get in the market right now.

How is lump charcoal made?

Before you find out about the best lump charcoal, you need to understand what it is in the first place. Lump charcoal is essentially charcoal made by burning up natural wood without the presence of ample oxygen. The combustion of the hardwood with low levels of oxygen eliminates all the natural chemicals and sap from the tree.

The process leaves behind blackened wood, which is without any moisture or natural chemicals. That pure charcoal is also the reason why natural hardwood charcoal is to be best for charcoal grilling. Of course, the entire process is a little more complicated than how I’ve put it into words.

There is a lot of labor work involved as well as a massive quantity of wood. It can take quite a few days to burn off the wood in an oxygen-free space to ensure the proper removal of methane, tar, hydrogen, and moisture from the wood. Lump charcoal can be from a lot of different types of wood. The type of wood used changes from brand to brand, and it originates from various sources.

With the due process taken care of, the result sees the lump charcoal retain a quarter of its weight barely from its natural hardwood form. The result is almost wholly carbon in the form of burnt wood. One of the best things about lump charcoal is the fact that it is an organic product. Compared to other types of charcoal products, it is becoming increasingly popular among people who prefer using ethically sourced natural fuel that contains no additives or artificial chemicals for their barbeque experience.

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Benefits of using lump charcoal

Using lump charcoal for barbeque has plenty of benefits that make it a better option than other types of charcoal products in the market that people can use for grilling.

Made to ensure better taste

The making of lump charcoal is from specific woods that are going to impart a delicious aroma to the meat you’re cooking. With a low ash content, lump charcoal works perfectly to deliver that remarkable smoky flavor without causing you respiratory problems. Also any time you add wood chips to charcoal you will enhance the flavor of the food.

A more efficient method of cooking

Compared to other forms of charcoal, lump charcoal burns more efficiently and makes good use of oxygen. It responds well to the level of oxygen it is exposed to, giving you better temperature control while using the barbeque grill. Using adjustable air vents, you can bring the temperature up or bring it down through vent adjustment, which increases or decreases the oxygen reaching the charcoal.

Lights up faster

The best lump charcoal takes less time to light up compared to other types of charcoal products. It is the perfect source of fuel to use for your charcoal grill to cater to everybody’s need for a fantastic barbeque with shorter prep time.

Pure and clean

The best lump charcoal has no additives, light fluids, or other chemicals, and burns cleanly. You can expect zero aftertastes from chemicals and get the pure smoky flavor with every morsel of meat you cook over the best lump charcoal.

Features to expect from the best lump charcoal

Before we look at the best lump charcoal you can buy right now, here are the qualities you should look for when you are choosing it to ensure you get the highest quality product:

  • Charcoal consists of 100% pure natural hardwood without additives or any other chemicals.
  • Brands that offer the best lump charcoal offer it with minimal dust and larger lumps that burn for longer.
  • The natural scent of the lump charcoal should have that pleasant smoky aroma. If it gives a foul smell when you light it up, it can have an adverse effect on the flavor of the meat.
  • It should not produce too many sparks when it burns. Low-quality wood creates more sparks and burn out too fast.
  • The wood used to create the best lump charcoal needs to be from a sustainable source like farmed wood and not rainforest wood.
  • Different species of wood have different properties. The best lump charcoal can have single-species or multiple-species blends.

Various types of wood can impart a slightly different flavor and have specific temperature and burning time. Manufacturers usually combine several types of wood to make lump charcoals. Here’s some information on different types of wood that are suitable for the best lump charcoal:

  • Hickory – the most popular wood used for grilling. It imparts a strong smoky flavor.
  • Apple – imparts a slightly sweet and smoky flavor in the wood and burns at 1190°F.
  • Cherry – has a unique, sweet, and smoky flavor like applewood. Burns at 1099°F and is better for slow cooking.
  • Birch burns faster than others. – ideal for cold-smoking or when cooking barbeque fish.
  • Oak – common in lump charcoal blends. It produces a strong and bitter smoky flavor and helps regulate the temperature of lump charcoal.

The best lump charcoal you can buy

In all my experience using various barbeque products, I’ve found a brand of lump barbeque, which helps me cook such delicious culinary items on the charcoal grill that it makes others jealous. It only makes sense that its very name is the Jealous Devil Lump Charcoal.

Jealous Devil makes its lump charcoal using the best hardwood that it obtains from sustainable sources in Paraguay. It is an American company that makes sure all of its lump wood is top-notch quality. I think it is the best lump charcoal in the market right now because it checks out all the boxes for making the best barbeque meals.

The charcoal made by Jealous Devil consists only of large lumps that have a minimal level of dust compared to what I’ve seen with other manufacturers. You get two benefits larger pieces of charcoal mean longer-lasting charcoal with minimal waste and lower dust. It also makes sure that your charcoal grill does not start choking.

The fact that the charcoal does not contain any additives and is 100% natural hardwood makes it even better. You get no strange aftertaste in the meat. It imparts the perfect smoky aroma in the meat that is not overpowering but not too minimal. The blend of hardwood used allows this lump charcoal to burn at temperatures as high as 1172°F – ideal for everything from briskets to steak.

Final thoughts

The Jealous Devil makes the best lump charcoal, in my opinion, because it has a decent cooking power of over 7,000 cal/g. It means you can use it to get the perfect sear on the outside and the right temperature on the meat on the inside. One drawback of this charcoal is that it is more difficult to light up compared to others. It makes up for that by burning three times longer than most lump charcoal in the market.

Please review my post on the disposal of used charcoal.

Now that you have the best lump charcoal sorted out, you might want to check out where to get the top-shelf barbeque products to enhance your fantastic charcoal grilling experience further. Luckily, a subscription with Grill Masters Club will get you access to the very best without worrying about the quality. A place to find a great wine to enjoy with barbecue at California Wine Club.

If you’re looking for more charcoal grilling advice, feel free to check out more information here.

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