Space Shake – High-Fat Meal Replacement, Creamer, Drink


We love testing new products to find out which of those could be included on a ketogenic diet. Plus, tasting new foods and testing our metabolic response is actually pretty fun for us.

What we are looking for: products that help us sustain or put us in a state of nutritional ketosis, defined as an elevation of blood beta-hydroxybutyrate above 0.5 mmol/L.

This time around, we tested Space Shake (previously known as Cave Shake), a high-fat coconut-based creamy and delicious drink. One serving contains 210 calories, 21g total fat, 240mg sodium, 3 g total carbohydrate and 2 g protein.

Blood Glucose and Ketone Results

Three of us tested the products and measured blood glucose and ketone response at different time points. The baseline data at time 0 was minimum 3 hours post meal. The measurements were based on the entire packet (237mL) in subject A, while subject B and C tested the recommended serving size (100mL).  

Blood glucose Space shake.jpg
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Space Shake blood ketone.jpg
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The blood glucose was slightly elevated in all 3 test subjects after consuming the product and the blood ketone levels either increased or decreased a little bit.

What We Like About Them

Simple Ingredients – Organic coconut milk, organic vanilla extract, sea salt, organic stevia, organic guar gum (with the addition of organic cacao powder and organic coffee for the chocolate and coffee flavors, respectively)

Taste – We think the taste was pretty awesome, all flavors!

Portability – These are great to travel with either in a checked bag (if less then 100ml ) or in a car since they have a re-sealable cap. Before opening, they do not have to be refrigerated so you can travel with them without having to worry about them perishing.

Dairy-Free – People avoid dairy for various reasons, so these are a creamy substitute for the dairy-free individuals! 

Would We Recommend This Product?

We were overall impressed with the metabolic response and taste of Space Shakes and would definitely recommend as a high-fat meal replacement, coffee creamer, or used as a delicious dessert, if you are not on a very strict ketogenic diet. The glucose/ketone response is impressive considering the caloric density.

We partner with the brands we personally use and test and this allows us to offer discounts. If you are interested in trying Space Shakes for yourself follow this link and use code “DOM15” at checkout for 15% off.

Full disclosure: income generated through our affiliate links goes back to support our science research.


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