Ballistic Health Podcast Episode 5 – Coke, Oprah, and Keto Krotch

Welcome back to the Ballistic Health Podcast. Today we’re talking about some current events in the Keto and health world. Sit back and hear what our intrepid hosts have to share regarding Coke, Oprah, and Keto Krotch

Conversations Between Coca‐Cola and the CDC:

Nina Teicholz regarding Keto crotch media event(click on the tweet for more info):

Fascinating Facts

Brian –

  • Light can be slowed down, stopped, and restarted

Mandy –

  • Katydids sing and can you can derive the ambient temperature from the number of chirps in a specific amount of time.

Danny – The Brain

  • Of the total blood and oxygen that our bodies take in the brain gets 20% of it.
  • When the blood supply to the brain stops, it’s almost 8-10 seconds before the brain loses consciousness
  • the blood vessels in the brain are nearly 100k miles in length
  • There are 100 Billion neurons in the brain

This weeks Recipe: Chili BBQ Sauce

Motivation Monday

Hardships often prepare ordinary people for extraordinary destiny.

– C. S. Lewis

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