Cold Smoking Cheese and Butter

Cold Smoking

Cold Smoking

It’s a funny time of year, most people aren’t really BBQ’ing properly yet, but it’s the perfect time of year to cold smoke food.

It really is easier to cold smoke food than you might think. Start with a cold smoke generator, the ProQ cold smoke generator can be purchased here

Pretty much any container can be used to contain the smoke, cardboard boxes, wooden cases, metal smoke cabinets, but here I used a beautiful wooden smoking cabinet from Black Box BBQ

The combination of these two bits of kit, makes cold smokign really easy. Start with something simple as I have here, some nice cheese, mild cheddar and goats cheese, edam all work well, and some nice butter.

Experiment with different woods and smoking times, I like a nice gentle beech, birch or cherry smoke on cheese and butter.

Make sure to leave the cheese and butter for the smoke to mellow.

Here’s a recent video I filmed on the subject of cold smoking. I’d love it if you let me know your favourite things to cold smoke?

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