Ballistic Health Podcast Episode 1 – Weight Loss Pt. 6

Changes! Today we’re officially launching our new format for the podcast previously known as the Ketovangelist Kitchen. To be more accurate we’re merging 3 podcasts into one creating the all new Ballistic Health Podcast. We’ll air the episodes on all three for a couple weeks to give people the chance to make sure to subscribe to the main feed for all future episodes. We’ll be releasing still on Monday so you’ll get your Motivation Monday’s still as well as all the best parts of The Ketogenic Athlete Podcast and the Ketovangelist Podcasts. We hope you’ll enjoy the new format and invite your feedback in the comments on the website or in one of our facebook groups. You can also share your thoughts by leaving a review on Apple Podcasts or whatever podcatcher you use.

Todays topic:
Why working out is not great for weight loss…by itself
Fascinating Facts
Mandy – Snails
  • The Assassin snail is carnivorous, will eat live snails, dead fish and such
  • Medical adhesive was inspired by the slime of snails/slugs
Brian –
  • The percentage of American men that say they would marry the same person if they were given the chance to do it all over again was 80%
  • The percentage of American women given the same question said 50%

Danny –

  • Bald eagles are a nuisance in Alaska
  • In 2016 President Obama signed a law honoring the bison as the official American mammal
Motivation Monday

People may doubt what you say,
but they will believe what you do.

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