BBQ Brisket UK Recipe – Smoked on Primo Grill

BBQ Brisket UK Recipe

BBQ Brisket UK Recipe

Here in the UK our briskets are very different to what is available to smoke in the US. Our UK Briskets are from grass fed beef whereas in the US they are from grain fed animals. It’s much harder to get a good result from grass fed brisket because the variety of cattle breed in the UK is much more varied, also grass fed fats render out at a lower temperature than grain fed fats, so you need to cook it so that you look after the fat as much as you can.

BBQ brisket uk

Here I smoked the grass fed brisket which I picked up from my local butcher on the Primo ceramic grill at 130 deg C hotter than the usual 110c that is common for low n slow BBQ. I dusted the brisket with CountryWoodSmoke Mocha Rub, a dark, coffee, chocolate, cumin and chipotle bbq dry rub, available here.

BBQ brisket uk

I wrapped the brisket tightly in foil after around 2 1/2 hrs once a good bark had been achieved. I then continued to cook until the brisket internal temperature had reached 93c and checked that it was soft, tender and wobbly all through. I then vented for 10 minutes to stop the cooking process, and then allowed to rest for a couple of hours wrapped tightly in foil and in an insulated box.

Once ready I sliced in lovely juicy slices and enjoyed with some homemade slaw and mac n cheese.

I was really happy with this cook, it just shows what is possible to cook a good bbq brisket uk style.

Here’s a video I made of the cook for you to enjoy.


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