16 One Pot Chicken Dishes That Will Make Your Week A Whole Lot Easier

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I realized today I have exactly 856 pounds of frozen chicken breasts in my freezer. While clearly that is an appropriate amount of poultry to keep on hand, I began to think that next week’s menu must include a couple of chicken dishes. 

And while I like to cook, I am a painfully lazy cook. And there are few things lazier than one pot meals. 

Oh the beauty of a meal requiring only one pan. Saving on time, dishes, and sanity- one pot meals make busy weeknight meals actually doable. 

Most one pot meals come together in 30 minutes or less and are extremely freaking delicious!

Due to the aforementioned chicken hoarding issue- I decided a whole post dedicated to one pot chicken meals was wildly appropriate. Enjoy!



Chicken Cacciatore


Packed with flavor and obviously freaking gorgeous, this easy one pot meal would be delicious served over just about anything; pasta, rice, zucchini noodles, mashed potatoes…or just with a fork. 

Get the full recipe here!


Chicken and Dirty Rice


Amazing cajun flavors all combined in one beautiful dutch oven. Sausage and chicken with a punch of dirty rice deliciousness, yes please!

Get the full recipe here!


Creamy Chicken and Rice


Combining classic flavors this dish is super quick and healthy as well! Score!

Get the full recipe here! 


Spinach Chicken Pasta

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Oh hello beautiful pasta dish. I love being able to toss the dried pasta right into the sauce as it simmers, perfect time and dish saver! 

Get the full recipe here!


Tomato Basil Chicken with Rice


Using chicken thighs increases the flavor and tenderness of this dish. Toss all the goodness together and let it simmer! Heavenly!

Get the full recipe here!


Mustard Chicken with Bacon


I know what you have all been thinking, where. is. the. bacon.
It is here, have no fear. You will want to make this one thousand times over again. 

Get the full recipe here!


Chicken and Potatoes with Garlic Cream Sauce


You know what makes an dish better? Potatoes. Cooking the chicken and potatoes AND sauce in one pan is genius and perfect for the lazy but hungry cook. 

Get the full recipe here!


Chicken Parmesan Pasta


Chicken parm is one of my absolute favorite Italian dishes. I love this one pot adaptability! Packed with flavor and convenience, you will love it for sure. 

Get the full recipe here!


Lemon Chicken with Asparagus


Combining a main dish and a side in one pan makes this dish pretty genius. The fresh flavors make this dish a light and healthy option. 

Get the full recipe here!


Cajun Chicken and Sausage Pasta


Taking the flavors from the dirty rice recipe above, this recipe adds a hint of decadence and comfort. 

Get the full recipe here!


Chicken Pot Pie Noodles

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I love classic chicken pot pie, but sometimes it is a struggle to find time to bake it after a long day at work. This dish speeds up the process by making a classic comfort dish available in 40 minutes start to finish! 

Get the full recipe here!


Chicken Cordon Bleu Pasta


Again with the practicality of a dutch oven! A spin on a classic, this dish combines ham and chicken with creamy goodness and is on the table in 40 minutes! Score!

Get the full recipe here!


Jalapeno Chicken

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Just in case ya need a little spice in your life! Whew! Fresh jalapeños meet a creamy sauce in this fantastic dish. Oh yeah, its ready in  30 minutes too! 

Get the full recipe here!


Chicken Teriyaki and Pineapple Rice


This Asian cuisine inspired dish is full of flavor and super easy to make! Perfect flavors come together for a new and exciting weeknight meal. 

Get the full recipe here!


Chicken Enchilada Rice Casserole


Gorgeous and bubbly cheese. Check. Mexican inspired cuisine. Check. Packed with flavor. Check.

Get the full recipe here!


Coconut Lime Chicken


This recipe is so unique and looks absolutely amazing! This will surely get you out of your boring weeknight dinner routine!

Get the full recipe here!


Whew! One pot chicken meals that are so simple and never boring! If you want some extra dinner ideas, check out my time saving sheet pan recipes and Keto Dinners ready in 30 minutes or less!

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