Eggs are still good to eat!

Does Coffee Make You Lose Weight or Does It Harm Your Body?

Some people argue that coffee can help you lose weight. Others claim that coffee is harmful and should be avoided at all cost. This article explains what coffee really does to your body.

Man Went From A Paleo Diet to an Agricultural Diet

According to anthropological studies the Paleo diet of early man consisted of wholesome foods like: fruits such as berries, roots of plants, tree leaves, herbs, grasses, nuts, eggs, vegetables, fish, meat, seeds, herbs, and plants that grow underground, such as potato. It is very important to think of not only the evolution of man as a species but also the evolution of food.

Dieting And Running To Lose Weight

Running, together with dieting, is by far the best exercise to maintain health and lose weight fast. Of course there is a limit to anyone’s running endurance, so cross-training activities like cycling, rapid walking, or jogging should also be practiced.

Baby Boomer Weight Loss – Read the Labels on Your Food

When baby boomers are trying to eat smarter to lose weight they should pay special attention to the ingredients label. A good rule of thumb is to avoid any products that have ingredients that you are not familiar with or cannot pronounce. If an ingredient does not look familiar it is highly unlikely that it came from the ground more likely that it came from a laboratory… These chemicals are to be avoided. Remember weight loss for weight loss sake is not healthy.

Should Women Hire a Male or Female Trainer and 17 Things to Consider

  Jessica is a 38 year old woman, out of shape having never worked out before. She is not over weight, but weak and lethargic and feels out of shape.

The Diet Solution Program of Isabel De Los Rios

The Diet Solution Program has been designed by Isabel De Los Rios for you to lose fat through eating the right foods. Advertising hype has definitely been leading us to make bad choices about the foods we select for healthy living.

Top 5 Women’s Exercises – For a Sexy Flat Tummy

I’ve noticed that women always want to know how to flatten their stomach and get sexy looking lines. So here are the five best exercises for developing a sexy midsection.

Bloated? You Can Get A Flatter Belly By Tomorrow!

We must all agree on one thing, one of the major reasons we attempt to be lean, fit, and healthy is so that we can feel good about the way we look. I also know that we want results fast – they call it our need for immediate gratification. Read this article to find out ways to help you achieve these results faster!

Cardio Does Not Help Busy People Lose Fat

Many people believe that in order to lose fat taking to the road and running miles and miles is the best way. If you want to know why this is not the case along with helpful fat losing tips aimed at people with not much time read on.

How To Rid Yourself Of The Pouch Belly

Paunch belly. Pot belly. Pooch belly. Pouch belly. Call it what you want but its does not change the fact that you want rid of it! This article can tell you how to get rid of this along with helpful exercise tips to take you closer to achieving your goals.

Why Sit Ups Can Actually Make You Fat

There is a very common conception amongst exercisers that if you want to lose weight or get a flat toned stomach that sit ups is the answer. Read this article to find out why this may not be the case and that sit ups may actually be bad for you.

The Diet Solution Program and Jogging To Lose Weight

A simple diet solution program, while jogging to lose weight, must include foods to have, as well as foods to avoid. The more calories you burn, the more you lose stubborn body fat, so it makes no sense to take in foods which only add high calorific value.

When Your Weight Loss and Fitness Motivation Dwindles – Try These Techniques

Have you ever wanted to lose weight or just want to sculpt your body, then find yourself slowly but surely losing the motivation to continue? Well, I’m going to give you eight techniques you may find helpful to give you the oomph to make it to the finish.

The Only Calories Needed to Lose Weight After Pregnancy

The calories needed to lose weight varies from person to person. Find our how to beat the numbers game and lose all the belly fat you want.

The Kale Smoothie: Health Food Extraordinaire

What could adding kale smoothies to your diet do for you? An awful lot!

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