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The Importance of Portion Control for Diabetics Trying to Lose Weight and What Helps

The relationship between obesity and diabetes is an established one. Studies have shown that obese persons are prone to diabetes because fat cells are less sensitive to insulin. Glucose isn’t taken up by cells for use as energy but is roaming free in the blood stream causing damage to blood vessels and organs. That being the case, it would take a larger amount of insulin to regulate the levels of blood glucose. So, if you’re over your normal weight you have a higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Obviously, if you’re overweight and a diabetic, controlling your blood sugar is difficult and you’re more at risk for developing complications of the disease. Moreover, it had been shown that obese persons aren’t only prone to develop type 2 diabetes but are at higher risk for degenerative diseases such as hypertension, and yes, even cancer.

Metabolic Triggers – Avoid A Few Common Mistakes And Trigger Your Fat-Burning Machine

There are a whole lot of things that you can do to transform your body into a productive fat-burning machine without having to resort to risky gimmicks or using overpriced “fat-melting” supplements that can’t deliver what they promise. And furthermore you can still eat all of your favorite foods. All you have to do is avoid a few common mistakes and incorporate a few quick ways to accelerate your calorie burn every single day.

Sugar Isn’t So Sweet, After All

I love sugar. Let me try that again – I love sure in moderation. Today, sugar comes in the form of desserts, ice cream, fruit drinks, soda drinks, energy drinks, cookies; making everything delicious but nutritionally empty.

With a Little Help, It’s Not Too Late for New Year’s Weight Loss Goals

The end of January does not mean the end of your chances for weight loss. The right supplement may be the jump-start you need.

The Truth About Negative Calorie Foods

You may have heard about so-called “negative calorie foods”. Learn the truth about negative calorie foods and how they can improve weight loss.

What Are The Limitations Of Body Mass Index?

It should be noted that as with all anthropometric measurements and analysis, this method only provides a surrogate indication of body fatness. BMI provides an accurate indication of total body weight, but this is not a good measure of the amount of fat an individual carries. It is true that some people are stocky naturally and would therefore have a higher than expected body mass index, perhaps to a degree that they may be deemed overweight.

Healthy Tips for Faster Weight Loss

Obesity is one of the biggest problems faced by many people right now. It is known that obesity is one of the predisposing factors of many illnesses. That is why, many nutritionists developed weight loss programs. It is not easy to lose weight because it needs sincerity and integrity.

How To Find Fat Loss Diet Routines That Can Benefit You In Your Sport

If you are an athlete, then you know the importance of keeping your body in the best shape possible. People who are not in shape who try to play sports will find their movements are sluggish and they cannot out muscle other players in the game. With most sports being very physical competitions, you will need to be in the best shape of your life to compete properly. Depending on the sport you play, you will probably need to adjust your fat loss diet according to your specific needs.

Summer Weight Loss Season Ripe For Quacks

Weight loss is #1 in the summer. Every year, millions of women lose weight. Some do it the right way and others lose hundreds and thousands of dollars on snake oils. Here are a few tips so you lose weight right, and not be taken in by bogus claims.

2 Secrets To Lose Stomach Fat, The Third One Does Not Matter

How often have obese lamented that they work hard to lose their stomach fat, but nothing seem to work for them. It is not very surprising that, at some point of time, they have been told of the two main components that form the very basis of inch loss regime. Yet, these simple secrets are easily over looked. Focus on these two and start looking for smaller size clothes. Read on…

Capsiplex Reviews – How Red Hot Chili Peppers Help Burn Fat Fast

One of nature’s hottest creations helps burn fat fast according to Capsiplex reviews. Capsicum extract from red hot chili peppers is the main ingredient in Capsiplex and Capsiplex Plus – diet pills made in the United Kingdom. More than 30 years of clinical research has shown that capsicum provides dietary support for individuals who are trying to lose weight.

Want to Lose Belly Fat? – How to Exercise to Lose Belly Fat

Trying to lose belly fat? Losing belly fat is important not just for appearances, but in order to maintain a healthy existence. The good news is that by simply adjusting your diet and following an effective exercise program, you can in fact reduce belly fat.

How to Achieve Your Body Shape and Lose Weight Permanently (2)

Much of the traditional advice abut dieting is out of date, misleading and in some cases, it is factually incorrect. Following this series of posts will show you how to eat what ever you like, when ever you like and still be successful on your diet programme.

What Is The Fastest Way To Lose Weight?

Whether you’re trying to dramatically change your life for the better, or just shred those few extra pounds before summer… The question on everybody’s mind is “What is the fastest way to lose weight?”. There is only one thing that is going to determine whether you are successful, believe it or not it’s knowledge.

Six Sure-Fire Ways to Stop the Chocolate Eating Binge

The temptations of chocolate are always there but never more so than over the Easter period. The shops are full of brightly wrapped Easter eggs and well-meaning family and friends generously buy them as gifts but if you’re a chocoholic who can’t leave a piece of chocolate uneaten then this time of year turns into a chocolate eating binge, leaving you feeling depressed, fat and desperate. These six sure-fire ways to stop the chocolate eating binge will turn your life around if you choose to follow them.

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